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Counselling Using the Sedona Method

By: Anna Martin - Updated: 21 May 2020 | comments*Discuss
Counselling Counsellor Sedona Method

The counselling process can be enhanced with the introduction of other complementary therapies or concepts. The Sedona Method is a personal development approach that allows the letting go of negative emotion, and can be successfully used in tandem with supportive counselling practices.

What Is The Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is a system of exploring negative emotions that have been incorrectly internalised or externalised, which results in suppressed emotion, inappropriate behaviour patterns and emotional blocks. By acknowledging and accepting the negative emotion an individual is then free to release it/let it go. The Sedona Method is also sometimes referred to as Thought Field Therapy.

How It Works

The Sedona Method is a quick and easy method to use to identify core emotional issues, thoughts and feelings. Once identified a counsellor will ask a series of questions that encourage the acceptance and release of the negative emotion. It can then be replaced with a positive thought or feeling.

Using powerful, duplicate techniques a counsellor will support an individual whilst they explore and accept painful or unwanted feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. The techniques help eliminate personal suffering and replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive thinking and an open approach that attracts more positivity.

How To Release Negative Emotion

Anger, fear and frustration are all negative emotions that we hold on to through lack of understanding of how to deal with the emotional issues they represent, and/or because these emotions have become familiar and therefore also acceptable behaviour patterns. A negative emotion is usually accepted as truth and this causes it to anchor itself in our subconscious mind. This emotion, or feeling, is then internalised or externalised which causes emotional damage.

The Sedona Method allows an individual to question their automatic thought processes. A trained counsellor will work through a series of questions with the individual, and will provide support through the releasing process.

How To Unleash Positive Emotion

Being perfectly emotionally balanced means that whilst all negative emotion should be released, holding onto positive emotion also creates a block because the emotion is internalised in order to hold on to it. Releasing the need to control and hold on to this emotion enables an individual to transform their life. Transformation occurs because the positive feelings no longer disappear, as they do when we attempt to cling and control the emotion.

A trained counsellor, or therapist, working with the Sedona Method, will have a thorough understanding of the importance of letting go of positive feelings in order to attract abundance and positive emotion that is expressed as happiness and good feelings.

Other Uses

Many forms of counselling practice can successfully incorporate the duplicated Sedona Method techniques. The simple to use method can have beneficial outcome on counselling individuals working through eating disorders, low self-esteem issues, relationship problems and many other emotional issues. It can also help to break down addictions of alcohol, drugs and/or food and increase personal energy, vitality and wellbeing.

It can be used alongside therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and other forms of counselling involving automatic thinking, to accelerate the process.

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