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About Counselling
About Counselling: Are You a Suitable Case for Counselling?, The Facts About Marriage...
Approaches to Counselling
Approaches to Counselling: Cognitive Approaches to Counselling, Psy...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: How to Make a Camp Community Safe for Children?, How Do I Transfer My...
Case Study
Case Study: A Counsellor's Perspective: Case Study, A Client's Perspective: Case...
Counselling as a Career
Counselling as a Career: Counselling Do You Have What it Takes?, A...
Counselling Issues
Counselling Issues: How to Cope Between Counselling Sessions, How to use Counselling and...
Counselling Skills
Counselling Skills: Attending Skills, Unconditional Positive Regard, Responding and...
Questionnaire: Questionnaire: Are You Counsellor Material?...
Self-counselling: Will You Benefit from Self-counselling?, How to Develop Self...
Training & Development
Training & Development: Entry Requirements for Counselling Courses, An...
Types of Counselling Jobs
Types of Counselling Jobs: Working from a Private Practice, Counselling...
Latest Comments
  • Nico
    Re: Paid Counselling Opportunities
    Cassel Centre in Forest Hill offer wide range of placements for students and qualified practitioner who would like to expand…
    29 March 2017
  • Lisa
    Re: What Qualifications are Needed?
    I completed a BS degree in Psychology at San Francisco State Uni in 2003 and a MA degree in Counseling from John F Kennedy Uni…
    29 March 2017
  • Rhona
    Re: Paid Counselling Opportunities
    Hi I am about to enrol on an induction to counselling course. I am interested in doing this as a career. I already work with…
    28 March 2017
  • Sarah
    Re: Becoming a counsellor: A guide
    Hi I'm Sarah, I am a qualified relationship counsellor, I am registered with the BACP but I am not yet accredited (working…
    27 March 2017
  • TAG
    Re: Paid Counselling Opportunities
    I have a level 3 counselling children and young adolescents and just gained a Grief and Bereavement Diploma allowing me to use…
    24 March 2017
  • TheCounsellorsGuide
    Re: Becoming a counsellor: A guide
    Kells - Your Question:I wrote the same amount again on last week's post, but then the site only published half of it.
    21 March 2017
  • Kells
    Re: The Cost of Training to be a Counsellor
    The costs in this article vastly understate fees for high-quality academic and skills based MA degrees, for…
    21 March 2017
  • Kells
    Re: Career Counselling
    Cindy With your experience, I'd suggest that you strongly consider doing an MA in Psychotherapy, or else an MA in Counselling Psychology, so…
    21 March 2017
  • Kells
    Re: Becoming a counsellor: A guide
    I wrote the same amount again on last week's post, but then the site only published half of it.
    21 March 2017
  • Kells
    Re: Voluntary Counselling Opportunities
    Bl??dy auto correct! I spelled your name correctly, Florise, and didn't spot the auto correct changed it. Also - it's…
    21 March 2017
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